Updates and Improvements

File_000 (1)In the span of the past year or so, the Masland Library has upgraded the study areas in the building in order to provide the students of Cairn University with greater comfort for the long hours of reading, a quieter atmosphere for quality study sessions, and even more advanced technology options for those of us who forget our laptops, phone chargers, or earphones all the way down in Heritage Hall. Some of these additions are obvious and exciting – others are subtle, yet essential to the academic success and the mental sanity of the students of the university. The exciting additions are as follows:

  • BRAND NEW headphones, ones that fit most head sizes. These headphones are classy, comfortable and sound-cancelling (for the most part). Not only will you experience quality sound, but you also get a quality look as you jam out to your tunes. No more of those clunky, old, space antennas that we used to offer. (Unless you really liked the space antennas. We still have those.)
  • The downstairs computer lab has been magically transformed into a quiet study space for those of you that don’t want to be affected by the not-so-whispered conversations and the sound of books dropping in the main part of the library. Use this space for individual study – NOT for group study. (We have private study rooms available for groups to have space to discuss and work together. Check out keys for the study rooms at the front desk!*) Specialities of the quiet study space involve super big and comfy chairs, large work areas (a few of which resemble dining room tables), and inspirational pieces of art to stimulate your brain.
  • We now have CHROMEBOOKS available for check-out! These sleek little pieces of technology are a great tool for those days when you spill your coffee all over your MacBook, when you forgot your power cord in your dorm room, or when you just want to try out some new technology. The Chromebooks can be checked out for 2 hours at a time, but they have to stay in the library. Make sure you treat them as if they were your own, because if you don’t.. Well.. it might cost you something**.
  • Finally, the most exciting addition of all. The Masland Library has FINALLY – after years of tears, petitions, pleas, suggestion cards, threats, and stiff backs – added BEANBAGS to your library experience. These beanbags serve many purposes, of few of which I will name.


  1. Sitting on
  2. Taking that inevitable study break nap
  3. Hanging out with your friends in comfort (quietly, of course***)
  4. Writing papers and doing research while feeling like you’re enveloped in a cloud
  5. Generally enjoying because they are soft and fluffy and big and lovely and infinitely better than the chairs


  1. Throwing over the second floor balcony. Seriously. No. That’s how people die.
  2. Canoodling. Shenanigans. You know what I mean. All those Cairn couples out there.. One person per beanbag, please. PDA to the minimum, please. For everyone else’s sake, please.. Leave room for Jesus.
  3. Eating food. These beanbags are in pristine (kind of) condition and deserve to be treated with respect to keep them as beautiful and comfortable as they are now. Also, you’re not allowed to be eating food in the library anyways****, so.. Keep that in mind as you enjoy the fluff.
  4. Building forts. Those suckers are pretty hefty, so keep them on the floor, okay*****? It’s better for everyone that way.

Take advantage of all of these upgrades******! They are here to make your life easier, happier, and less stressful. Happy Thursday!

* Seriously. We will ask you to relocate to a noise-friendly area of the library.

** Cost you something like the price of a Chromebook. Or your technology-using privileges.

*** Seriously. We will call security to escort you from the premises in handcuffs if you can’t keep your voices down. Well.. maybe not in handcuffs, but.. Be respectful, okay?

**** Nobody likes ants and rodents hanging out by the beanbags, right? Right. Keep the crumbs in the library. Seriously.

***** Seriously. Do your back and your tired limbs a favor and leave them on the floor.

****** Seriously!! We want you to be here and we have these resources for your enjoyment and convenience.

~Emily Tielmann


America meets the Fahrenheit 451 world

41cx8my2unl-_sx324_bo1204203200_In the blink on an eye, any country in the world can be taken out with nuclear weapons. Technology has become life threatening; however, few seem to worry about its effects. People are blind to the direction the world is headed in. Omar N. Bradley once said, “If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.” In the same way, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 alludes to the current modern-day world. American society believes it has met the peak of intelligence; however, Bradbury shows his readers how negligent American society has become through the chaos within the culture, which ensues when wisdom and youth are neglected.

Fahrenheit 451 was published in the early 50’s, despite the era it was written in, Bradbury makes many valid points reflecting modern culture. Bradbury predicts the obsession with technology and the problems it may cause; including, but not limited to, an enormous lack of human interaction. The characters do not care for others and have become very egocentric.  It is as if they never grew up. During times of stress, anxiety, etc. they resort to technology to comfort them, bringing to mind a parent comforting a child with a pacifier.

This book is a great read, especially for those who enjoying thinking. You can find Fahrenheit 451 on the shelves of the Masland Library here at Cairn University in our fiction section. Challenge yourself to prove this story wrong and get to know your fellow school mates. How will you stop America from reaching a dystopian nightmare?

~Ismael Santana

By Grace Alone

kh blogThis semester I have had the privilege of interning at a drug and alcohol rehab center for women. It has been an experience that I would not trade for anything and also one I wish everyone could experience.  Addiction Recovery is hard, it’s not pretty, and it makes people vulnerable. However, it also makes people search, makes them available and makes them open to new ways of life. You see, we all search for things to fill us, to make us happy, or cheer us up. People in recovery are the same, they looked for things just like I do, and you do, and the difference is that they landed on a substance and not a Netflix show. And the ONLY THING that separates me from them, you from them, is the grace of God alone. That could be me, should be me, and could be you.

But the beautiful thing is that I have never met people so open, so willing, and so desperate in need for something deeper. Never have I been able to see the need for Jesus more than I have this semester and never have I been around people so hungry for it.

Now I know what you’re thinking. How does this relate to the library? Well let me tell you.

I have read, borrowed and skimmed dozens of books in the Library about addiction. And let me tell you, there’s plenty.

But not just that.

The Library is simply where it starts. You find a book, you check it out, you read it, your take notes (maybe), and you return it. But it’s what you do after that, it’s how you act on the information you just read, it’s how you follow Jesus’ commands using that newfound information, it’s how you treat people.

So do yourself a favor, visit the Library (there’s plenty of topics to find), check out a book, read it, and then make use of it!

~Kristen Holmes

A Grace Sufficient

65023fe70c6f02d8916103a859f81db7-library-quotes-library-ideasVulnerability can be defined as the state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. And nothing stings more than the vulnerability of uttering those three little words: “I don’t know.”  It’s a phrase that clings to the vocal cords like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth, and we have to use it more times than not if we’re honest with ourselves. If all the knowledge to be obtained were a circle, the knowledge any one college student possesses would be nothing more than a pen dot within it.

In fact, as students, ours is a position characterized by lacking knowledge and depending on those who have gone before us so that we may grow our minds and perceptions. These predecessors lead us to ask questions and dive into the abyss of research possibilities, which is exciting . . . until you realize you have three papers to write, two exams to study for, and that huge social event that simply cannot be missed.

Thankfully, there are people and offices established all over campus to support students as we endeavor to unfold the mystery that is navigating adulthood and intellect. In the ARC there are people who are trained to help you manage your schedule and optimize study time. Likewise, the library has experienced staff with hearts ready to serve any student needing assistance.

Laura Saloiye, a Cairn University alumna, has worked at Cairn since 2001, first as a student and, beginning in 2008, as a librarian. In addition to her pleasant personality, Laura has a copious knowledge of the research process and the Masland Library resources that can help any student better utilize all the library has to offer. She is one of the most beneficial tools the Masland Library has to offer the students at Cairn University. The entire Cairn community can learn how to efficiently research and eloquently sift through depths of knowledge which extend well beyond the limits of the many pages on our shelves. You need only ask.

~Theresa Yandell

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Fare thee well

Fare thee well, good sir Melvin.



Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (Honore Daumier, 1808-1879)

The Masland Library has recently bid adieu to a great staff person of the Masland Kingdom. In the midst of disappointment for an un-had book, he would set out to gather it from the ILLied nations. When curiosity availed, he would tell you about the oldest book in the Rare dungeon. Fascinated with the mystical and perplexing writings of the Deutsche wizards, and never failing to create new facial expressions for any and every moment.


His name was Sir Melvin.

Sir Melvin has disappeared without a trace. Soon after those who remained in the kingdom of Masland began to notice hand and boot prints on the carpet. It wasn’t long until the security gates would go off when someone walked in, not out. Worst of all, the downstairs computer lab was suddenly gone.

When something goes awry or if there is an unexplained occurrence, the people of the Masland Kingdom know that the ghost of Sir Melvin still lingers.


~KC Carothers

Summer at Masland Library

Summers are strange things, most frequently I am asked by my friends and family, what I do all day since the students are all gone, and why I still work full time.  Most people believe that summers at an academic library are similar to a high school teacher’s hours (that they are off unless they are stuck teaching summer school).  No, here at Masland Library, we begin on all the projects that were too noisy or disruptive to work on during classes.   So what do I do?

I work on Web Content; while the student workers are out in the stacks doing inventory.

We create lists to review the inventory scans; while the student workers continue to work on inventory.

Now a second student worker is working on finding missing items while I create a LibGuide.

Then towards the middle of summer we realize…all of the items we have reclassed and cataloged have filled the shelves so that there is no more room.  Now we have to begin selective shifting (there have been summers where the whole library has needed shifting).

So one student worker is shifting while another is doing inventory; another student is processing all of those reclass and new books.

Now someone is double-checking the new items; while more new items are being processed.

Now we have to shift another area while another student is STILL working on inventory.

Towards the end of summer we realize all the other small things that need to be accomplished before Weekend of Welcome; new signs for the shelves; that shelf over there has been switched with the one above it; Oh No! another whole series has come in for Biblical Reference and we need to shift everything again.  What do you mean there are information literacy sessions being held Weekend of Welcome…now I need a PowerPoint. Goodness me the Reserves still haven’t been collected…we need to get them before the new students do.  RA’s are back…eke that means that students will be here in a matter of days!

Student workers are madly cleaning up shelves and placing end cap labels on.

Reserves are being pulled and activated.

All tutorials are being reviewed and information literacy classes are being taught.

Summers are strange things. While there is definitely fewer people in the Library and fewer reference questions we are preparing to give students the best service, cleanest library, and best resources available so that they can utilize the resources we have for them.

~Laura Saloiye


Properly Using Coffee During Finals Week:


coffeeCoffee is a great thing.  It is also a powerful thing. So, to best use the marvelous gift that God has given us, let’s learn about when coffee is the most effective.

So, not to get too scientific, but your body produces this thing called cortisol. It is a stress hormone and is associated with your alertness levels. So, at the times that your cortisol levels are high, drinking coffee will have no added effect, because your alertness levels are at their peak. However, when your cortisol levels fall, coffee can serve as a much needed reinforcement.

Here are the times where the body’s cortisol levels are at their peak (meaning coffee will have no added effect):

Between 8-9 AM

Noon – 1PM

5:30 – 6:30 PM


There is also a time where coffee serves as the most effective and that is from 9:30 – 11:30AM.

Now, the Library will have coffee during finals week, and it will be when your cortisol levels are low, so be sure to come on out and enjoy the free coffee to help you find that motivation to finish the semester!

~Kristen Holmes

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast


Plenty of children grow up faithfully watching Disney musicals such as the 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast, and become inspired by the book-loving character of Belle.  However, many kids are now getting the chance to experience the story in both animated and live-action movies, thanks to Bill Condon, director of the 2017 Beauty and the Beast. The movie that came out just this March is quite an exciting experience, but certainly not without its flaws.   The musical motifs of Beauty and the Beast in both versions express themes such as love, magic, triumph, and even evil. However, there are several differences and additions to the music of the new version.  The original music created for this year’s movie seemed quite disjoint to me at first, but it became clear to me as the movie progressed that it actually was very reflective of the movie’s mood because a few things had been changed and added in the story.  The song that seemed to tether the different attitudes of the songs was the Beast’s solo called “Evermore”, which displays the Beast coming to terms with his decision to do the right thing and free Belle.  In addition to being comprehensively creative, all of the the new music was much more rhythmically free – for example, Emma Thompson took some tasteful rhythmic liberties when singing the iconic, “Beauty and the Beast”.  While on the whole it was freer rhythmically, it was certainly also a trend with this cast to sing Senza Vibrato, or in English, straight tone (a vocal technique more closely identified with pop singing).  For some voices, such as Ewan McGregor’s Character Lumiere, this worked quite well – possibly due to this style being a distinctive that has worked for him before in musicals.  However, the technique did not treat Emma Watson as well; her auto-tuned melodies seemed to have no growth, and it seemed she could not produce any sound worth listening to for longer than a few bars.  Her timid vocal interpretation of Belle was bland and frankly disappointing for me, despite her sensational acting.

A few other actors’ voices also stood out to me as I watched this movie.  Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Josh Gad) stole the show as they put on a number celebrating the character Gaston. While Gaston was different from the original movie in that Luke Evans created a character who I grew to hate more and more over time, the song “Gaston” remains an extremely fun scene with astounding improvement in energy from the original version. In both this number and later on in the movie, Josh Gad creates even more character depth than before for the character LeFou, as well as utilizing his incredible upper range and impeccable comedic timing. Finally, it is necessary to restate the brilliance of the heart-wrenching solo by the Beast called “Evermore”.  His outstanding vocals crafted a beautiful piece of music that, to me, was imperative to the pinnacle of the story.  Alan Menken quite literally outdid himself with these pieces, both vocal and instrumental,  as he composed for the 1991 version, as well as the 2017 version.

Now what does Beauty and the Beast have to do with a library? Over the past 25 years, much has changed about Beauty and the Beast, but certainly not Belle’s love of books, learning, and the thirst for knowledge that drew the Beast and Belle together.  It’s a “tale as old as time” that learning new things can help us know each other better, and inspire us to love each other deeper.

For a Juvenile version of the book click here.

~Maya Neal

*Image linked from http://www.slashfilm.com/bill-condon-interview/

10 Anonymous Suggestions for the Library

  1. Social Hour (reverse quiet hours) one night a week, where students can come in and talk while they do their work or just hang out.
  2. On Mondays, the Library should have a coffee and tea bar, because Mondays are hard, and who doesn’t love coffee and tea while doing homework?
  3. The Library should provide standing desks for those who wish to burn more calories while doing their homework. These desks also improve posture, and help the student to stay awake when they are extremely tired and doing homework.
  4. On Thursday nights, the Library should have “Story Time with Scotty” in the juvenile book section. He would pick or tell a story that he has crafted to an audience of students, faculty, professors, and their children.
  5. On Tuesday nights the Library should turn on Looney Toons in the upstairs computer lab, so when students need a study break they can go and watch Looney Toons. Call it “Looney Toons Tuesday”.
  6. The Library should have therapy tea cups pigs for stressed out students to spend time with. Pigs are an animal that very few people are allergic to, so there would be no worry of allergic reactions. Pigs are also becoming more and more popular as therapy animals. With the teacup pig, it would be easier to handle and potty train, it would also not be as loud as a larger pig.
  7. There should be an (soft sounding) intercom system throughout the library. This way when the library is closing, the student workers can announce the amount of time that the patrons have left in the library.
  8. Student workers and supervisors should have interconnected headsets. These headsets would allow the student workers and supervisors to communicate, even when they are not all in the immediate vicinity.
  9. In the Library, there should be a small door separating the lobby from the main library, that way, there could be soft study music playing in the lobby. This would send a comforting welcome to both the staff and patrons.
  10. The options of movies should be updated a little more frequently. They should also be more advertised so that the students are more aware that they have the opportunity to borrow movies to watch in their free time.

Which is your favorite?

~Sierra Kiekel