Live Gladly


“Do all things without grumbling or disputing; so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world.” (Philippians 2:14-15)

5 a.m. Jolted awake by yet another fire alarm. The Heritage Hall microwaves are at it again. As the residents of Heritage gathered outside the building in 30 degree air – some wrapped in blankets, some wearing shorts and t-shirts, some fully dressed and ready to take on the day – there were many conversations going on, but as I sat shivering on the curb, there was a theme that kept jumping out at me as I overheard snippets of conversations: complaining.

“I have to be up in two hours!” “I have to go to class!” “I just want to be back in bed.” “Who makes popcorn at 5 a.m?!” “I’m gonna hunt down whoever set it off this time.”

I’m tired.

I’m cold.

I’m this.

I’m that.

Fellow Cairn students, I have a newsflash for you: We’re all tired.

Throughout the past few weeks, conversations around campus have been marked with the consistent theme of complaints – about the food in the MAC, about professors, about due dates, papers, lack of sleep, friend drama, Student Life, you name it. The fact is that we’re all struggling. It’s November! It’s the time of the semester when huge papers start piling up, daunting reading assignments take forever to finish, and getting any amount of decent sleep seems impossible. It is so easy to begin to believe that you are the only person who is experiencing stress, exhaustion and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. But the truth is, you’re not the only one.

This fact presents a point of encouragement and a challenge. Be encouraged that you are not alone. You are not the only one who is buried by life, and therefore, we are buried together. We can take this opportunity to walk alongside one another, to point each other back to Jesus, to remind each other that our strength and joy in each day comes only from HIM, not from ourselves. We are a community of believers. We have the amazing opportunity to live together, eat together, learn together, grow together, and experience 5 a.m. fire alarms together.

A couple weeks ago in chapel, Dr. Williams challenged us to practice encouraging one another. Giving each other courage, empowering one another. Can I ask you to do just that? Think twice about the words that you speak. There is value in being honest with each other concerning the condition of our hearts and in sharing our burdens, but there is equal value in building one another up. There needs to be a balance of the two.

Friends, we have this hope that Christ sustains us. He sustains us through each day, each moment, each assignment, each sleepless night. Because of this hope, we have the freedom to be filled with joy. But we have to choose it. Choose to be joyful rather than pessimistic. Choose to look on the bright side. Choose to notice the beautiful fall leaves. Choose to be thankful for the fact that we are here, doing life together. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s stressful. Sometimes it involves shivering outside at an ungodly hour rather than catching a few more hours of sleep. But this stressful and overwhelming college life is where God has called each of us. It is in this season of stress that He can best teach us to surrender our schedules to Him and to look to Him for strength to get everything done on time. Let’s choose to make the best of it, and to help each other to see this time as a blessing, instead of a burden.

As John Piper wisely stated: “If you live gladly to make other glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full.”

~Emily Tielmann

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Let the music begin!

p1020376Hey, are you majoring in Music? Looking to broaden your musical horizons or
simply add a new track to your playlist? Then Cairn University’s Masland Library is the
place for you! Throughout the library’s first and second floors, you will discover an array
of wonderful books on many of the world’s greatest composers. Explore the stories
behind the lives of Chopin, Debussy, Mozart and Beethoven and how their genius came
to be.

Masland Library offers material on a vast number of genres, ranging from Choral
Music to Hip-Hop. Jazz, Folk, Chamber Music, Gospel and Rock n Roll can also be found. There’s even a selection of more obscure genres like Honky-Tonk and Shaker. If your focus is biblical studies, there are books on the history of Christian Music, Spirituals and Amish Hymns!

For anyone looking to play or research a musical instrument, there’s a multitude
of materials to choose from. Expand your knowledge of piano, woodwinds, strings and
percussion so you can “rock out” with friends or serenade someone special. There’s
even music from the Romantic and Baroque Periods, perfect for dancing the night
away. Masland Library is the ideal place for Music majors and non-music majors alike,
whether you desire to brush up on your theory skills or broaden your musical horizons.

And do not forget our online resources, we have some great databases like Alexander Street Press and Naxos Music Library!  These sources will allow you to find sheet music and to listen online to a huge library of music.

So, do yourself a favor. Take a trip to our amazing library, and let the music begin !

~Ms. Diamond Franklin, Vocal Performance

Leave the shelving to us!


As the body of Christ, it is natural to possess the desire to assist others.  When visiting the library, the best assistance you can give us is to not re-shelf books.  We appreciate that you re-shelf books in an attempt to help us out, but leaving that job to your fellow student workers will help us out even more.

  • Records are kept within library systems for the usage of books. These records let the library staff know how often books are used and which ones are most essential to the student body.  Therefore, all books you use – whether you check them out or use them in the library only – need to be recorded in the system.  To help us do this, please leave books on the tables, on the carts throughout the library, or bring them to the front desk and stick them in the book-drop slot.
  • In a library, all books are categorized and have certain “homes” within the stacks. Letting library workers re-shelf books helps to ensure that all books are in the appropriate home.  If books are not in their home, they become difficult to find and are then deemed “missing.”  Those poor books  I bet they really miss their neighborhood friends they’re used to being around.   You can help them stay happy by dropping them off on the tables, carts, or at the front desk to be returned to their home by the library workers.
  • Fun fact: Student workers get paid to clean up your books and re-shelf them. That’s right.    With real money – not Monopoly money.  By allowing us to re-shelf your books, you help us work for our money.  Plus, why go through the madness of trying to re-shelf books when you don’t have to.  Let us help you, by leaving the shelving to us.

**Disclaimer:  If you are walking through the library and notice books within the stacks that have colored slips in them, please leave the slip in the book.  Student workers who are in shelving training put those in so that the library staff can double-check them, so that they are indeed in the correct spot.  This process, along with the ones mentioned above, helps ensure that when you embark on the great book-finding journey, the perfect will book will be right there waiting for you.

~Rea Fearson



Did you know Masland Library has a FaceBook page?

Well, we do! You can go check out our FaceBook page here. Occasionally, we will hold treasure hunts and contests through the Masland Library at Cairn University page. We just recently held a treasure hunt for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card which Caleb Daubenspeck has won. Any details about the poetry contests we hold, as well any discussions that take place here at the Library, can also be found on our FaceBook page. If you are ever confused about what our hours are, they too are on our FaceBook page! (And we all know you spend hours scrolling through your feed, so why not look up the hours there? You won’t even have to leave the app!) While you’re checking out our FaceBook, go ahead and give us a review, and don’t forget to tell others to like our page as well!

~KC Carothers

Caleb winner.png

Caleb with his gift card and the book it was hidden inside!

Interested in Learning a New Language?

So you know how the Masland Library has Databases? Well, we have a new database and its call Mango Languages. Now I know Cairn offers Greek, Hebrew and Spanish (only one of which you can speak), but if you want to learn a new language, are interested in a language, or simply want to brush up on a language, Mango is the place to go.

Mango offers French, Hawaiian, Arabic, Yiddish, Pirate (yes pirate is what you think it is), Tagalog, Icelandic, and even sign language. Altogether they offer 72 different languages that you can choose from (including English as a foreign language courses). Having explored the site myself, it is very user friendly and easy to use, it also incorporates all of your senses (minus taste and smell), so it makes learning that much easier! By all means, go check it out you won’t regret it!

~Kristen Holmes


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That is what humanity has been so obsessed with for all of time. Whether it was oral tradition passed down generation to generation or some of the first ones written down like Gilgamesh, humanity has been so fascinated by stories. Think about even the boring epics you have to read in class, when you hear the condensed version suddenly a whole world in brought to life and it’s suddenly interesting. Even now one of the biggest industries in the world, Hollywood, does nothing but tell a tale that sucks us in and has us talking for weeks. Think about most of your conversations with friends, what are they? Often times we are telling each other stories about our experiences or even the experiences of others.

Tolkien picked up on this in his book the Twin Towers: “Still, I wonder if we shall ever be put into songs or tales. We’re in one, of course, but I mean: put into words, you know, told by the fireside, or read out of a great big book with red and black letters, years and years afterwards.” Stories stick in our heads. I think this is why Jesus told stories. When we think about the words of Jesus it is so easy to bring back the prodigal son or the story of the seeds that grew and the ones that did not. Even the Bible as a whole tells us a story. When we share the gospel in essence what we are doing is telling people the greatest story ever. It’s amazing. storyThe library is full of great biographies of people’s life stories. The amazing things they have done. Or even fiction novels that are some of the greatest stories ever written.  So I challenge you, find a story. Write one, read one, or maybe for the first time discover your own. If Lit and Arts has taught me anything it’s long after we are gone the stories will live on.

~Billy Holland

(This image is not owned by Masland Library.)

LexisNexis, for up to date news

Students constantly come to the library looking for sources for assignments or just to investigate in topics of interest to them.  One of the Masland Library’s databases, LexisNexis offers insight to “hot topics” in the world today. Specifically, the database has published numerous articles on the Zika Virus, a disease hitting headlines daily here in the US and throughout the world.

The virus starts from an insect bite and causes fever, rashes, and joint pain, yet what may even be worse than these bad sensations are the effects it has on newborns when the virus is spread from mothers to fetuses. Babies infected with the virus are being born with microcephaly, a defect in which the baby’s head is abnormally small and effects the brain.


Students should take advantage of sources such as LexisNexis because they inform us of issues happening all around the world today.  If it wasn’t for articles I found I wouldn’t know about this dangerous issue going on throughout various nations. These resources provide us with information about politics, weather, health, and so much more. Once you know about all that’s going on it’ll make you want to do something about it, even if it’s something as simple as raising awareness through sharing the information with people you know. Don’t waste time being uniformed, get into the world and experience what’s really going on in it.

Other databases with news:

ABI Inform, Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Times, and Newspaper Source

Kaitlin Smith

Things You Didn’t Know about Your Cairn University Library

Well friends, you have a great resource at your fingertips. Unfortunately there are those who have no desire to use it or have no idea how to use it. Your Cairn University Library has the ability to increase the value of your education, to which you give so much of your time, effort, energy, and money. I am saddened to meet people on campus who have never checked out a book, spent any amount of time studying in the library, or even have no idea that the school gives you free prints to use in the library printers. I have met graduating seniors who have never even set foot in the library. This scares me. So, in light of this catastrophe, I am making a “did you know” list for our beloved “bibliotheque . ”

1. Your prints.

Oh yes, Cairn student, you are given free prints to use during the semester. This seems
obvious, but there are some people out there that have no clue. So maybe you knew you had
prints, but maybe you didn’t know the copier upstairs is the only place you can print with color?

Sure maybe you knew that too, but I’ll bet you didn’t know that you can print your paper and
have the PRINTER STAPLE YOUR WORK FOR YOU. Yes. With a simple click of a button on
the print menu, the Multifunction printers (MFP) (aka the big copiers downstairs and upstairs)will staple things for you right in the machine. Easypeasy.

2. There are records, and a record player.

This is for all you hipsters out there. Let’s say you were down at Sunday Breakfast or some
other local thrift store and you saw a killer vinyl for just a couple bucks. You have a phonograph at home, but home is oh so far away. Problem solved!

3. During finals week, there is free coffee.

That’s right. Your heard me. Free coffee. ‘Nuff said.

4. Rare book archives.

This one is actually pretty cool, and it’s what I do every day, so ask about it! We have a large
collection of rare books, some even dating back to 1700. Let’s say you’re working on a project and trying to come up with a unique angle to impress your prof. You can find sources from the 1800’s and see what the theologians of that time thought and compare it to what you’re learning in your classes today. The possibilities are endless. These sources must stay in the library, but you can come during office hours (84:30) and get special permission from a full time librarian to use a certain book. You can find titles by searching on the website just like any other book.

5. There are study rooms.

If you have a group project, or maybe need to find an even quieter place than the library, these rooms are spacious and allow you to spread your homework out in a private space.

6. Free books and book sale.

I meet lots of people who don’t know that the library has a book sale. If you go through the
lobby, down the stairs, and to the right, there’s a table with some hidden treasures at great
prices. And there is usually a cart of free books hanging around the front doors of the library for anybody to take advantage of.


Or maybe your professor didn’t tell you. For a good number of classes here at Cairn, the
professor will put the required textbooks/books on reserve at the library. So instead of spending all those extra bucks, check with the front desk! You can check out reserve books at the front desk and have them for 2 hours. You can simply read, or scan what you need at a copier, send it to yourself, and be ready to go.

P10203838. Movies.

The library also has a collection of movies behind the front desk, and it is a decent selection. Check it out!

9. Online Renewal.

I think this one is most surprising to people. You can simply go to “your account” on the library home page, and renew any books you have, unless you’ve renewed too many times. Just a heads up…

10. Databases.

The library has amazing collection of eBooks, as well as DATABASES. These resources are an incredible asset to writing any paper ever. There is an extensive list that allows you to choose a database that specifically fits the subject of your paper, and then you can do a detailed search. The best part is that these resources are accessible from anywhere. So check them out.

Footnote: Ask your librarians anything. If you have any questions, we love to help if we can, and find out if we don’t know. We also like it when people acknowledge our existence and talk to us,even if it’s a smile. So embrace your library. Learn the ways of the books.

Caitlin Williams

PS: The library has social media. Look them up. Trust me. There are gift card giveaways,
events, competitions with lucrative rewards… Do it.

Keep Calm: It’s Almost Summer

By: Amy FaustPhoto May 10, 11 01 14 AM

These are 6 super easy steps to help you stay on track and have a great last couple weeks of the semester! Good Luck!!

1.    Stay Organized and Utilize what is around you

One of the top things with preparing for the end of the semester is staying organized. It is super easy to become unmotivated was the semester comes to an end and the weather becomes warmer. However, it is still important to stay organized and finish strong. It is also important to prioritize your work to make sure everything gets done. (Tip: Do not wait until the last minute to do everything, work ahead and efficiently to avoid unneeded stress.) If you are struggling with any of this or want a few pointers you can always stop on in at the Academic Resource Center. Along with that they are offering a Studying for FInals Workshop on April 26th at 2:00 in BLC 222A and 7:00 in the conference room at Heritage. Another great took to utilize is the writing lab. They are willing to help you out with organizing all those papers you need to write. If you have a research paper, do not be afraid to stop on in at the library and see all databases that might be able to help you out! (Library Assistance are always willing to help you find the one that is best for you topic!)

2.    Study with others

Studying with other people can be really helpful! They can help you stay on track or even remind you of that definition you alway forget. I know sometimes working in a group can be hard because you are not sure where to study at. Well, did you know that the Library has study rooms that are available for your convenience? These study rooms are located on the Main Floor in the library near the back on the right. They are really great places to meet with friends to have a study session or work on a project together. It is a quiet place where you can talk freely with each other and avoid distractions.

3.    Find a good place to study

Finding a place to study is not always easy. You need to find a place where you can stay focused and not get too distracted. This means that it is not a good idea to watch Netflix while studying (I know! I know! The last episode was a real nail bitter and you NEED to see what will happen! But it will not help you study… suggestion: use that next episode as your motivation or break talked about in number 4 and 5.) If you live on campus, you know that the RA’s and RD’s try and help us out by enforcing 24 hour quiet hours during Finals week. However, this is not always helpful. Try studying in a new spot to rejuvenate your mind. Some suggestions are: sit outside (why miss out on the warm weather just because you have to study? Plus, Vitamin C is good for you anyway), find a nice spot in the library (we will have extended hours during finals week), or maybe even try going to somewhere like the Langhorne Coffee House or Panera and get a yummy snack or energizing coffee while you study.

4.    Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals for yourself can be very important. I know that the end of the semester can be hard to stay motivated. Try setting a goal for yourself, but keep it realistic. It might be something like “I want to finish this paper by 3:00 and then I can eat that brownie over there” or “Just a few more days of this and then I can go sit by the pool” or  it might be something more along the lines of “I want to have all of these notecards down by heart so that I can get an A on the exam.” Whatever it is that motivates you and keeps you going, use it! It is really important to have a goal to work towards!

5.    Take a Break

Studies actually show that it is not good to study for a long amount of time. It is really important to take breaks. You brain will get fatigued while you are studying. Therefore, it is best to study for about an hour to an hour and a half before taking a 10-15 minute break. Sometimes it is good to take a bit of a longer break as well. These breaks help to refresh and refocus your mind! As suggested in number 3, this might be the time where you want to want that next episode (warning: this might not be something you want to do if you know you cannot stop after that ONE episode). Some other suggestions of things to do are going for a walk (physical activity is a great stress reliever and it is healthy), take a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts or Rita’s and get a tasty treat (remember to show your student ID because we get a discount at both places!), or even take a 15 minute nap (which will reset your system and make you more alert).

6.    CELEBRATE!!!!

Once you have finished all of your papers, projects, and exams, CELEBRATE!!! YOU ARE DONE! IT IS SUMMER TIME! WOOOOO! You might even want to reward yourself with one last Cafe smoothie or even one last lunch of the semester with those friends you might not get to see by going Chick-fil-a and then rewarding yourself with one of their amazing milkshakes!!! (Don’t forget your student ID so you can get the Cairn discount on your meal!) Then head on home, or on your must needed vacation and enjoy the beautiful blessings of summer! ENJOY!!!

Things you may not know…

ï  There are DVDs you can check out.  That’s right; the Masland Library has a collection of DVDs that you can check out as a student.  Here are just some of the movies that are available: Gone With the Wind, Planet of the Apes, Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hobbit, Downtown Abbey, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Star Wars (episodes 4, 5, 6), and Shakespearean plays.  So, if you want a movie night with some friends, but you’re in need of a good movie, come over to the library and we’ll help you out.

ï  There is an ongoing book sale.  The book sale is down the steps and to the left on the first level of the library.  There are many books as well as some cassettes and VHS tapes.  Everything is very well priced and is worth a look.

ï  There are free books.  FREE?!  Yes.  FREE!  As college students, we love free things; and guess what, you’re in luck.  The library has a section of free books between the two entrance/exit doors.  If you’re looking for a good read and a book you can keep – for free – check out the free book section during your next trip.

ï  There is a color copier/printer.  There are large copiers/printers on the first and second (mezzanine level) floors.  However, the copier/printer on the first floor only uses black and white ink.  If you want to copy or print something in color, make sure you head up to the second floor (mezzanine level) and utilize the large color copier/printer up there.  It works in the same way as the way on the floor, so you should be a pro at operating it.  However, if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask one of the library workers.

ï  There is a juvenile section and a curriculum lab.  If you have a love for children’s books or if you’re an education major, this is just for you!  These two sections are located on the second floor (mezzanine level) in the back right.  Feel free to utilize and enjoy them as much as you desire and relive some of your childhood.

ï  There are conference rooms you can utilize.  Are you and your friends (or study group) looking for a quiet place to study?  If so, come to the front desk and ask to check out a key for one of the three conference rooms.  You can check these out in two hour increments any time that the library is open.  You can also renew them if you need to, just not overnight.

Rea Fearson