Book on ShelfI sat there watching the people go by, grabbing books off the shelf, writing papers, studying hard. Everyone had their own agenda, a list of things that needed to be completed before the semester ended and time was running short. Deadlines were fast approaching and more and more books seemed to be flying off the shelves just to be put back in the same place. There had to be more to life then this rush, this fast paced life of a very busy college student. All I saw day in and day out was students studying, that no fun was had no life was lived. I decided that I had to leave and see what the rest of campus life was like, this couldn’t be it.

Book being checked out

I walked over to the chapel and peeked in the door seeing the student body worship together, and I was amazed. Then I walked outside and felt the cold breeze hit me, a shiver ran down my spine and I headed over to the building where the students ate. I looked through the window and saw laughter and joy, who knew that this was here. I went inside and walked down the stairs and saw students playing games in the gym forgetting for a moment the work that needed to be done. I ran out again going to the buildings where classes were held seeing only a few sleeping but others seemed to enjoy what they heard. Then I went to the dorms where the students slept. The lounges were full of laughter but also stressful worried looks as the students started to panic over the work that needed to be done. Then they all left and went to slept some staying up way later then they should and I decided that this life wasn’t so bad. I went back up the hill and back into the library, my home, and sat back on my shelf awaiting the new day and the new rush of students.

Morning came and so did the workers, then finally the students, starting a new day of stress and fear of not meeting that deadline. All of a sudden a library worker took me off the shelf and claimed to have “found” me. I didn’t even know I was missing I had been sitting in the same place I had always sat day after day. The worker received a prize for a job well done and I got put back on my shelf.

To those who care, adventuring is not for the books to do– it is for you the reader, and students can still have fun in between studying and classes, I have seen it. There are other books like me that are still “missing” and it would be nice if they were found.


The book that saw the world (at least Cairn campus)

~Interpreted and Illustrated by Hannah Hannon