1. Social Hour (reverse quiet hours) one night a week, where students can come in and talk while they do their work or just hang out.
  2. On Mondays, the Library should have a coffee and tea bar, because Mondays are hard, and who doesn’t love coffee and tea while doing homework?
  3. The Library should provide standing desks for those who wish to burn more calories while doing their homework. These desks also improve posture, and help the student to stay awake when they are extremely tired and doing homework.
  4. On Thursday nights, the Library should have “Story Time with Scotty” in the juvenile book section. He would pick or tell a story that he has crafted to an audience of students, faculty, professors, and their children.
  5. On Tuesday nights the Library should turn on Looney Toons in the upstairs computer lab, so when students need a study break they can go and watch Looney Toons. Call it “Looney Toons Tuesday”.
  6. The Library should have therapy tea cups pigs for stressed out students to spend time with. Pigs are an animal that very few people are allergic to, so there would be no worry of allergic reactions. Pigs are also becoming more and more popular as therapy animals. With the teacup pig, it would be easier to handle and potty train, it would also not be as loud as a larger pig.
  7. There should be an (soft sounding) intercom system throughout the library. This way when the library is closing, the student workers can announce the amount of time that the patrons have left in the library.
  8. Student workers and supervisors should have interconnected headsets. These headsets would allow the student workers and supervisors to communicate, even when they are not all in the immediate vicinity.
  9. In the Library, there should be a small door separating the lobby from the main library, that way, there could be soft study music playing in the lobby. This would send a comforting welcome to both the staff and patrons.
  10. The options of movies should be updated a little more frequently. They should also be more advertised so that the students are more aware that they have the opportunity to borrow movies to watch in their free time.

Which is your favorite?

~Sierra Kiekel