Throughout the library, there are many books. Most of which do not get checked out very often. The other day, I was straightening out some books in the back of the Mezzanine. Here, I saw a book that caught my eye. The book is titled, The Stork is Dead. Now as one can infer from the title, it is about something that has to do with babies, or, yes I’m going to go there, the conception of babies. Now if you don’t know how that process works, please go talk to Nurse Allison. I’m sure she would be happy to sit down and discuss it with you. When I started reading the book, I honestly could not put it down.

This book is aimed towards the audience of teenagers who are struggling with the temptation of sex. Even if you are not at a point in your life where this topic could apply to you, I highly recommend reading the book. Not only is the book very well written, but it also honest. For me, honesty is something that is very important. I would rather someone be blunt and honest with me than beat aro51zc6e3gf8l-_ac_ul320_sr188320_und the bush and approach a situation passive aggressively. Not only does this book openly discuss the forms of sexual temptation that teenagers go through, but it also uses real questions that have been asked and real situations to answer them. The author of the book is also Christian, so that’s always a plus! The way he approaches the answers about sex and sexual activities is honest and in a way that is glorifying to God. This book talks about what most churches tend to avoid, especially around teenagers. Sex is something that is enjoyable, but within the context of marriage. The Stork is Dead explains this in an open, honest, and actually helpful way. If you yourself are curious about this topic, or plan on having many interactions with teenagers in the near future, I highly recommend this book. But also remember, sex is natural. It’s something that we do need to talk about, but in an appropriate and helpful context. All of which this book does.

~Kara Williams