I have no idea who Karl Barth is.

I spent the majority of this past summer working in the Masland Library.  Okay, insert reader commentary:

Reader: “WHATTT? The library is open during the summer???”

Why, yes, dear reader!  The library is open for Monday-Saturday during summer classes and Monday-Friday for the rest of the summer.  If you do decide to stop in anytime after summer classes are completed, you will likely see student workers among the bookshelves, preparing the library for the coming school year.  This past summer, myself and several other student workers were given the task of shifting almost every book in the main section of the library.  In the course of this tedious-but-necessary task, one man’s name seemed to appear over and over:


No matter what section we were shifting that day, Karl Barth had either written a book on it or someone had written a book about Karl Barth’s thoughts on the matter.  I have done no research on who exactly Karl Barth is and why he has so many opinions about everything, so it does not really make sense that I am writing a blog post about him.  However, I believe in you, reader, and your researching ability.  I just searched his name in the library catalog and was given over 300 results, so he is probably an important person.  So, go! Find out who this man is!  Maybe write him a letter asking him to please calm down and stop writing so many books that I have to shelve.  Here’s a couple books that are in our library collection about good ol’ Karl:

Karl Barth in the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer –  BX4827.B57 P3615  2000


How Karl Barth changed my mind –  BX4827.B3 H59 1986


The Humanity of God –  BT28 .B273 1996

*This one is actually by the man himself!*


Christianity and Barthianism –  BX4827.B3 V36 1962

Okay, so apparently Barth has a whole school of thought named after him.


Hopefully those books can get you started on the journey of Barth knowledge on which I have never traveled.


~Valarie Meiser