1. Show up in the office 15 minutes before your appointment time:

Does not mean park 15 minutes before the interview or get in the building security line with five minutes to spare. It means walk through the office or suite door five minutes before your appointment. Because it may ask you to fill out an application and it gives you more time to do so.

2. Look Your Best:

For you well-dressed people, I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at those two words, because you assume everyone knows that. However, after interviewing thousands of people, I can assure you that the majority of job seekers are not fully aware of the impact of their image.

Also, maybe choose a fragrance that is fairly light neutral scent, like baby powder or vanilla, can work well, but anything stronger could be an issue for the interviewer.

3. Arrive prepared:

Bring a pen, notebook or portfolio with paper, several resume copies and a list of questions you would like to ask the interviewer.

Finally, remember to look up at least as much as you look at the paper. Writing notes is important, but ACTIVE eye contact tells the interviewer that you are paying attention.


4. Have a conversation:

Come prepared to discuss the company, the role, your background, current trends in the industry, the reason for the opening and any recent business events that may impact the interviewer, role, company or industry.

Companies want to hire engaged employees who have taken the time to learn about themselves and the roles for which they are applying.

~Nicole Vila