p1020376Hey, are you majoring in Music? Looking to broaden your musical horizons or
simply add a new track to your playlist? Then Cairn University’s Masland Library is the
place for you! Throughout the library’s first and second floors, you will discover an array
of wonderful books on many of the world’s greatest composers. Explore the stories
behind the lives of Chopin, Debussy, Mozart and Beethoven and how their genius came
to be.

Masland Library offers material on a vast number of genres, ranging from Choral
Music to Hip-Hop. Jazz, Folk, Chamber Music, Gospel and Rock n Roll can also be found. There’s even a selection of more obscure genres like Honky-Tonk and Shaker. If your focus is biblical studies, there are books on the history of Christian Music, Spirituals and Amish Hymns!

For anyone looking to play or research a musical instrument, there’s a multitude
of materials to choose from. Expand your knowledge of piano, woodwinds, strings and
percussion so you can “rock out” with friends or serenade someone special. There’s
even music from the Romantic and Baroque Periods, perfect for dancing the night
away. Masland Library is the ideal place for Music majors and non-music majors alike,
whether you desire to brush up on your theory skills or broaden your musical horizons.

And do not forget our online resources, we have some great databases like Alexander Street Press and Naxos Music Library!  These sources will allow you to find sheet music and to listen online to a huge library of music.

So, do yourself a favor. Take a trip to our amazing library, and let the music begin !

~Ms. Diamond Franklin, Vocal Performance