As the body of Christ, it is natural to possess the desire to assist others.  When visiting the library, the best assistance you can give us is to not re-shelf books.  We appreciate that you re-shelf books in an attempt to help us out, but leaving that job to your fellow student workers will help us out even more.

  • Records are kept within library systems for the usage of books. These records let the library staff know how often books are used and which ones are most essential to the student body.  Therefore, all books you use – whether you check them out or use them in the library only – need to be recorded in the system.  To help us do this, please leave books on the tables, on the carts throughout the library, or bring them to the front desk and stick them in the book-drop slot.
  • In a library, all books are categorized and have certain “homes” within the stacks. Letting library workers re-shelf books helps to ensure that all books are in the appropriate home.  If books are not in their home, they become difficult to find and are then deemed “missing.”  Those poor books  I bet they really miss their neighborhood friends they’re used to being around.   You can help them stay happy by dropping them off on the tables, carts, or at the front desk to be returned to their home by the library workers.
  • Fun fact: Student workers get paid to clean up your books and re-shelf them. That’s right.    With real money – not Monopoly money.  By allowing us to re-shelf your books, you help us work for our money.  Plus, why go through the madness of trying to re-shelf books when you don’t have to.  Let us help you, by leaving the shelving to us.

**Disclaimer:  If you are walking through the library and notice books within the stacks that have colored slips in them, please leave the slip in the book.  Student workers who are in shelving training put those in so that the library staff can double-check them, so that they are indeed in the correct spot.  This process, along with the ones mentioned above, helps ensure that when you embark on the great book-finding journey, the perfect will book will be right there waiting for you.

~Rea Fearson