Did you know Masland Library has a FaceBook page?

Well, we do! You can go check out our FaceBook page here. Occasionally, we will hold treasure hunts and contests through the Masland Library at Cairn University page. We just recently held a treasure hunt for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card which Caleb Daubenspeck has won. Any details about the poetry contests we hold, as well any discussions that take place here at the Library, can also be found on our FaceBook page. If you are ever confused about what our hours are, they too are on our FaceBook page! (And we all know you spend hours scrolling through your feed, so why not look up the hours there? You won’t even have to leave the app!) While you’re checking out our FaceBook, go ahead and give us a review, and don’t forget to tell others to like our page as well!

~KC Carothers

Caleb winner.png

Caleb with his gift card and the book it was hidden inside!