Students constantly come to the library looking for sources for assignments or just to investigate in topics of interest to them.  One of the Masland Library’s databases, LexisNexis offers insight to “hot topics” in the world today. Specifically, the database has published numerous articles on the Zika Virus, a disease hitting headlines daily here in the US and throughout the world.

The virus starts from an insect bite and causes fever, rashes, and joint pain, yet what may even be worse than these bad sensations are the effects it has on newborns when the virus is spread from mothers to fetuses. Babies infected with the virus are being born with microcephaly, a defect in which the baby’s head is abnormally small and effects the brain.


Students should take advantage of sources such as LexisNexis because they inform us of issues happening all around the world today.  If it wasn’t for articles I found I wouldn’t know about this dangerous issue going on throughout various nations. These resources provide us with information about politics, weather, health, and so much more. Once you know about all that’s going on it’ll make you want to do something about it, even if it’s something as simple as raising awareness through sharing the information with people you know. Don’t waste time being uniformed, get into the world and experience what’s really going on in it.

Other databases with news:

ABI Inform, Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Times, and Newspaper Source

Kaitlin Smith