Well friends, you have a great resource at your fingertips. Unfortunately there are those who have no desire to use it or have no idea how to use it. Your Cairn University Library has the ability to increase the value of your education, to which you give so much of your time, effort, energy, and money. I am saddened to meet people on campus who have never checked out a book, spent any amount of time studying in the library, or even have no idea that the school gives you free prints to use in the library printers. I have met graduating seniors who have never even set foot in the library. This scares me. So, in light of this catastrophe, I am making a “did you know” list for our beloved “bibliotheque . ”

1. Your prints.

Oh yes, Cairn student, you are given free prints to use during the semester. This seems
obvious, but there are some people out there that have no clue. So maybe you knew you had
prints, but maybe you didn’t know the copier upstairs is the only place you can print with color?

Sure maybe you knew that too, but I’ll bet you didn’t know that you can print your paper and
have the PRINTER STAPLE YOUR WORK FOR YOU. Yes. With a simple click of a button on
the print menu, the Multifunction printers (MFP) (aka the big copiers downstairs and upstairs)will staple things for you right in the machine. Easypeasy.

2. There are records, and a record player.

This is for all you hipsters out there. Let’s say you were down at Sunday Breakfast or some
other local thrift store and you saw a killer vinyl for just a couple bucks. You have a phonograph at home, but home is oh so far away. Problem solved!

3. During finals week, there is free coffee.

That’s right. Your heard me. Free coffee. ‘Nuff said.

4. Rare book archives.

This one is actually pretty cool, and it’s what I do every day, so ask about it! We have a large
collection of rare books, some even dating back to 1700. Let’s say you’re working on a project and trying to come up with a unique angle to impress your prof. You can find sources from the 1800’s and see what the theologians of that time thought and compare it to what you’re learning in your classes today. The possibilities are endless. These sources must stay in the library, but you can come during office hours (84:30) and get special permission from a full time librarian to use a certain book. You can find titles by searching on the website just like any other book.

5. There are study rooms.

If you have a group project, or maybe need to find an even quieter place than the library, these rooms are spacious and allow you to spread your homework out in a private space.

6. Free books and book sale.

I meet lots of people who don’t know that the library has a book sale. If you go through the
lobby, down the stairs, and to the right, there’s a table with some hidden treasures at great
prices. And there is usually a cart of free books hanging around the front doors of the library for anybody to take advantage of.


Or maybe your professor didn’t tell you. For a good number of classes here at Cairn, the
professor will put the required textbooks/books on reserve at the library. So instead of spending all those extra bucks, check with the front desk! You can check out reserve books at the front desk and have them for 2 hours. You can simply read, or scan what you need at a copier, send it to yourself, and be ready to go.

P10203838. Movies.

The library also has a collection of movies behind the front desk, and it is a decent selection. Check it out!

9. Online Renewal.

I think this one is most surprising to people. You can simply go to “your account” on the library home page, and renew any books you have, unless you’ve renewed too many times. Just a heads up…

10. Databases.

The library has amazing collection of eBooks, as well as DATABASES. These resources are an incredible asset to writing any paper ever. There is an extensive list that allows you to choose a database that specifically fits the subject of your paper, and then you can do a detailed search. The best part is that these resources are accessible from anywhere. So check them out.

Footnote: Ask your librarians anything. If you have any questions, we love to help if we can, and find out if we don’t know. We also like it when people acknowledge our existence and talk to us,even if it’s a smile. So embrace your library. Learn the ways of the books.

Caitlin Williams

PS: The library has social media. Look them up. Trust me. There are gift card giveaways,
events, competitions with lucrative rewards… Do it.