ï  There are DVDs you can check out.  That’s right; the Masland Library has a collection of DVDs that you can check out as a student.  Here are just some of the movies that are available: Gone With the Wind, Planet of the Apes, Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Hobbit, Downtown Abbey, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Star Wars (episodes 4, 5, 6), and Shakespearean plays.  So, if you want a movie night with some friends, but you’re in need of a good movie, come over to the library and we’ll help you out.

ï  There is an ongoing book sale.  The book sale is down the steps and to the left on the first level of the library.  There are many books as well as some cassettes and VHS tapes.  Everything is very well priced and is worth a look.

ï  There are free books.  FREE?!  Yes.  FREE!  As college students, we love free things; and guess what, you’re in luck.  The library has a section of free books between the two entrance/exit doors.  If you’re looking for a good read and a book you can keep – for free – check out the free book section during your next trip.

ï  There is a color copier/printer.  There are large copiers/printers on the first and second (mezzanine level) floors.  However, the copier/printer on the first floor only uses black and white ink.  If you want to copy or print something in color, make sure you head up to the second floor (mezzanine level) and utilize the large color copier/printer up there.  It works in the same way as the way on the floor, so you should be a pro at operating it.  However, if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask one of the library workers.

ï  There is a juvenile section and a curriculum lab.  If you have a love for children’s books or if you’re an education major, this is just for you!  These two sections are located on the second floor (mezzanine level) in the back right.  Feel free to utilize and enjoy them as much as you desire and relive some of your childhood.

ï  There are conference rooms you can utilize.  Are you and your friends (or study group) looking for a quiet place to study?  If so, come to the front desk and ask to check out a key for one of the three conference rooms.  You can check these out in two hour increments any time that the library is open.  You can also renew them if you need to, just not overnight.

Rea Fearson