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It’s finally that time of the semester. The time when Spring Break draws nigh and the idea of a week away from school makes us drool with anticipation. Unfortunately, beforehand (and even afterwards for some), we have exams, quizzes, papers, and all other sorts of homework to finish. Many times Spring Break is given as a chance to work on projects that would be impossible to handle during the daily rush of things. As such, an important question rises to the forefront of our minds.
How do we get homework done during spring break while still being able to relax and enjoy our break from school?
Well, the answer is simple, but not exactly as easy. Here’s some steps to help you get started:
1. Make a list of MUST-DO assignments. These assignments are ones that are important and need your attention immediately. If you can’t figure out what assignments are ‘must-do’ ones, then look at the syllabus. Must-do assignments often depend on the due date (is it due soon?) or the grade weight (what percentage of the final grade is the assignment?).
2. Space out some time during break specifically for homework. Now, this is not near as easy as it sounds. But pick a time every day where you will get away from family, friends and Facebook and just work on homework.
3. Use your resources. If you need to work on a paper over Spring Break, be sure to check your book out of the library before you leave! Or, check out the eBooks and Online Databases linked on the home page, and find what you need right there on your computer! Searching the online catalog can also bring up books that you can access on your computer while you’re at home. Always be aware of the resources you have!
4. Take a break! Depending on the type of student you are, this might be the most important step. Especially at this point in the semester, we are more than capable of running our poor brains into the ground by overstudying. Burnout is very common during this time of midterms and essays, so be sure to step back and take a break! Your brain doesn’t work nearly as well when it’s worn out as it would if you just took a short break. For my break, I’ll watch an episode of Friends. It’s only 22 minutes long, and I feel refreshed enough afterwards that I can go back to tackling my homework! Once I get something else accomplished homework-wise, I can take another break and watch another episode. This keeps me from getting overly-stressed, and it keeps my brain from shutting down on me.
These steps are only the beginning, and all require discipline. That’s where the hard part comes in. But if you follow these basic steps, then you should be able to be at least somewhat productive and be able to relax at the same time! Just remember not to get TOO burnt out on homework, and to enjoy your family and friends while you’re at home! Also, for any of you staying on campus, please remember that we have adjusted hours for spring break! These can be seen in the ‘hours’ link on the homepage. Good luck everyone, and have a wonderful spring break!
~Rachel Krodel