Student stacks
Student workers promote the library; but sometimes even we acknowledge you can have too much of a good thing. Here are some suggested alternatives.
1. You really need sleep, but you should be studying: You’ve been up all night, but all night wasn’t enough, and your eyelids weigh a million pounds, each.
Alternative: stay in your room. Consider sleeping 10-20 minutes. This light sleep cycle is perfect for a mind-clearing power nap, and your best sleep is bound to happen in your own bed, not at a library table.
2. You’re really hungry, but you should be studying: You’ve got a craving for potato chips. You know, and I know, that those chips aren’t supposed to be in here, what with the rustling bag and the oily finger prints.
Alternative: head to the commuter lounge. The noise level is fairly low, there’s couches, tables, computers – you can even buy your chips in the vending machines there!
3. You really want to fight with your friend/significant other, but you should be studying: you can’t seem to stop thinking about how annoying the world is, when you should be figuring out how to end world hunger.
Alternative: walk through the neighborhood. Grab a friend who will listen, or if you feel comfortable, go for a run by yourself. The creepiest people who live in that neighborhood are probably your professors, and the walking will calm your nerves and clear your head.
4. You’re really getting claustrophobic, but you should be studying: Your room, the library, the MAC, yourroomthelibrarytheMACyourroomthelibrary– MAKE IT STOP! You need a car.
Alternative: take the bus to Newtown. From the stop outside Bottom Dollar, to the stop near Starbucks, the trip is $2.25 each way. The ride is a little long, but if you want a place to study all day, that Starbucks is definitely the cutest place to do it.
5. You really want to drop out of school, but you should be studying: forget campus, forget even Newtown – that’s way too close. You might see someone you know. You might think about homework. You might have a flashback to today’s lecture. Help.
Alternative: go home. Sometimes, if at all possible, you just need your family, your room, and some good food before you venture back to the familiar face of the library front doors. And that’s okay! Even the most independent of us need a break from the sterility of library life. Take the weekend, and come back refreshed.
If we’re being honest, there are loads of times the library just isn’t your best friend. That’s okay. Before you waste hours staring at the wall, get your mind and body in the right place. And when you come back, you might actually be able to get things done.