As the vote on the Scottish referendum approaches, the vote to stay or go has drawn near to a 50/50 split. For decades, many of the Scottish people wished to be their own country, separated from England and the Queen. But becoming an independent country is no easy task; there are many details that must be considered in order for independence to be a wise choice. Although Scotland already has their own educational system, health care, and police force run independently of England, questions such as the economy and currency, energy, oil and gas, pensions and welfare, citizenship and immigration, military, and the possibility of obtaining EU membership, must be considered.
Scotts desire to have more control in what takes place within their own government. Currently, with the UK’s system of government and parliament there is devolution (the delegation of power to a lower level) this gives Scotland a certain amount of control within their country. Many Scots are currently arguing that they do not have enough power and that the only way to truly make the best decisions for Scotland they need to have their own government system in place. Others argue, that a No vote for the referendum is better, for with it, they are not giving up the possibility of gaining more control, but rather, from a no vote a greater devolution would take place. 
As of this point, the current polls are:
No – 47%
Yes – 46%
Don’t Know- 7%
There is much or the UK’s system of government that I still yet to fully understand, there are so many different approaches that countries can set in place to be run successfully. Although I may not understand all of what is taking place, it has been fascinating keeping up with this news through the use of The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Wall Street Journal that are both located within the library, along with the BBC’s website. Having both of these newspapers and many more at the library are a wonderful resource to expand out of the “bubble” of college and keep connected with all that is taking place in the world.