Welcome to Cairn! It’s exciting isn’t it? All of the new people, new places, new sounds, new surroundings can be so exhilarating….. or, if you are like me when I first arrived, completely overwhelming! You suddenly feel like you were thrown into a Twilight Zone setting where you are expected to attend all of your classes, EVERY chapel, do all of the readings, papers, projects for EVERY class, oh and keep up a healthy regime of eating right at EVERY meal and exercising in the gym at the MAC. Not to mention all of the activities that help build community so of course you are obligated to go EVERY single one because who doesn’t want to be part of community?!
Stop. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Let it out.
Before you get too far into the semester, let me offer you some tips that I have learned (and am still learning!):
Number 1: You don’t have to do it all. Yup I said it. Obviously homework is a must because without it we wouldn’t learn but don’t feel like you have to attend every activity this school has to offer. Think of them as options. If you like music, attend the music events that seem interesting to you. Or maybe you like to participate in sports, there is always a sporting event you can attend and cheer on the Highlanders! Intramurals are also a great way to be involved in sports. You get exercise and community; two for the price of one!
Number 2: Sometimes you have to use your chapel skips. They give us nine for a reason! Maybe you had a long night of studying and really need that 50 minute break in your schedule to recuperate. Take that time by yourself to refocus on the reason why you are doing all of this. Seek God’s strength to help you through. Pray, read the passage of Scripture that is most encouraging to you, and even sing songs that help draw you closer to God.
Number 3: The Library is here for YOU! Remember all of that reading and those papers you need to write? The Library is a great place to accomplish it all! It’s quiet all the time (unlike the dorms) and the Library staff are here to help you with researching topics and finding books.  There are even whole rooms set aside to help keep you focused on your task. Have a question? The student workers and Librarians will do their best to answer them! There are no “stupid” questions and we love to help!
(P.S Did you know we have a movie collection??? Stop in during the Library’s hours and pick up a movie to unwind from all of the homework you are working on!)
]Here’s to you Freshmen in having the best first semester of your college career!
Pray often, Laugh a lot, and hold on tight because college flies by quickly!