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In case you missed the first part of this blog series, I have set out to show Masland Library visitors that the library is a valuable resource for social entertainment. In Part I, I hit on some of the library’s top movies of various genres. While movies are great entertainment for large groups of people, they do not necessarily facilitate great social interaction. If there is much interaction, the movie has probably become background noise and everyone missed an important movie scene. So now I bring you to music, the perfect element to set the mood for your social events. Even you are the loner of the party Taylor Swift once eloquently stated, “People haven’t always been there for me but music always has.” Therefore, I encourage you to check out some of the library’s music and let it permeate the atmosphere of your social life.
*The library’s CD collection can be found on the 2ndfloor on your left before entering the computer lab. Although I will not expound upon them here, the Masland Library has some RECORDS available to borrow. If you are retro enough to own a record player, ask us more on how to get your hands on a record.
Romantics Sampler – CD M5 .R663 1995
Let me clarify first by saying this is not a compilation of songs for a passionate date. The word Romantics refers to a time period and genre of classical music from the 18th century. This is music is called romantic because it explored the breadth of emotion in a way music had not before. Therefore, the modern music listener can find great refreshment in these pieces.
Scott Joplin Piano Rags – CD M25 .J81 P53 2004
Now these are some true American originals. Just imagine you and your friends in some small town establishment out west 100 years back, playing cards and listening to an old man tickling the ivories with some good old rag time.
Spanish Guitar – CD M126 .S62 2002
This CD is sure to bring that spice that was missing from your life. Do not forget about this one for all of your Cinco de Mayo parties.
Quartets – CD M450 – CD M457.4
While great majority of our CD’s consist of classical music, I wanted to highlight the quartet section of the collection. In Fall of 2013 the world renown Ying String Quartet came and played for our school. Some of the greatest classical music was written for such a group of players on these instruments: two violins, a viola, and a cello. Only four instruments! This music is not only for the sophisticated.
Jazz, Louis Armstrong – CD M1356 .A736 D445 2000
Jazz, Duke Ellington – CD M1366 .E461 D933 2000
Jazz, Coleman Hawkins – CD M1366 .H395 C654 2000
If you have not been sufficiently exposed to big band jazz, you are missing out on one of the greatest musical joys in life. This music may, dare I say it, make you want to dance. To give you a little more direction within these three artists, Louis Armstrong played some mean trumpet (and had a great voice!), Duke Ellington worked the piano, and Coleman Hawkins played some sweet tones on the tenor saxophone.
Star Wars Original Trilogy Soundtrack – CD M1527.2 .W721 S27 2004
                It is Star Wars. Need I say more?
International Music Mix – CD M1627 .I58 1999
A little bit of this. A little bit of that. Musical flavors from all around the globe. Now you can connect with all of your multicultural friends!
Simon and Garfunkel – CD M1630.18 .S55 S5 1972
I have always considered these guys to be the original indie band. They formed a new genre of folk-rock in the 1960’s. That may seem old but their music does not sound it. Simon and Garfunkel is great for the car or chilling at all times of the day.
Soulful Music by Leontyne Price – CD M1670 .P953 1996
I cannot say I have ever listened to this lady, but I do know she was famous. The nature of the music of this album is just as the title suggests.
Manheim Steamroller, Christmas in the Aire – CD M2065 .M354 C475 1995
If you have ever listened to Christmas music on the radio, you must have heard Manheim Steamroller. I would describe them as new age electric orchestra rock going wild on Christmas tunes. These songs could put you in the holiday mood in July.
Michael Card, The Hidden Face of God – CD M2198 .C37 2006
Michael Card is an older but well known Christian artist that came to our school in Fall of 2013. This is only one of several albums we have of his, but check them all out!

~Wayne Hailstone