1.       They overhear everything: What you qualify as a whisper probably isn’t as quiet as you thought. Student Workers overhear a lot in the library (and they’re not even invisible). Wearing headphones, taking calls outside, and actually whispering will help keep your secret schemes under wraps. But don’t worry, library workers are sworn to secrecy when it comes to classified information like your academic record.
2.       They have gadgets: If you’ve ever seen a library worker sneaking around with a hand-held device, they aren’t scanning your retinas or looking at blueprints. These little gizmos keep track of how many times books have been used, but not checked out. This is why we ask you to leave your used books on the carts around the library or at your table – as evidence.

3.       They use secret staircases: Actually, the back staircase is probably well-known to regular library blog readers. But did you know that while it’s the perfect place to take phone calls, and a speedy way to reach the second floor, it also offers a great spying view of anyone by the pond?

4.       They consult high-tech databases: Nearly everything a Library Worker needs to know can be found either in their training manuals or in the limited-access online databases. If you’re a Cairn student, you too have access to these stockpiles of information. If you’re having trouble accessing or using a database, one of these Student Workers or a librarian can help you.
5.       They wear a badge: Nothing says “elite” like the shiny faux-gold of a library nametag. These badges are proudly worn by (undisguised) library employees who would be happy to serve you the next time you need help accessing information!
~Christine Fitzpatrick