The semester is coming to a close and soon we will be able to go home and enjoy our families, but there is one thing that I know that I have had trouble remembering for the past few years: Christmas. Some of you may not have thought about it because you still have over a month and figure you can do it when you get home. There are others though like me who prefer to be ahead of the game.

I have two words for you: Book Sale. We have had the book sale going on at the library for a while and it is continuing until the end of the semester. The prices are $1 for hardback and $0.50 for a paperback, and however many you can fit into a plastic bag is $5.

We have a wide selection of books. We have ones for the theology buff in your family as well as the history buff. There are some books on art. There are others on marriage and other family ties and more. Maybe you would find one that interested you.

Why the book sale? Where else are you going to find books in good condition for this price and not have to deal with shipping rates? Especially since it is right on campus on the lower level of the library, you do not have to journey off campus looking for that special gift.

So come on out and see what the book sale has to offer you and your loved ones. Once you have filled your bag or gotten your selection, take them to the front desk to pay for them. Then enjoy your Christmas break knowing you have completed part of your Christmas list.

~ Elisabeth Smith