Hello, college students! We all have those cravings as the semester gets farther on. The more projects we have, the later we stay up, and the hungrier we get! The commuter (or student) lounge is a great spot to get some snacks with the convenience of the vending machines. Even the new ‘keurig-esque’ coffee maker has ‘pods’ available in the vending machine for a quick blast of caffeine! With all the studying that goes on, munchies are a constant companion to homework, along with music and Facebook. However, when you get the urge to bring some snacks with you to your next big study session in the library (because let’s face it, you can’t discipline yourself well enough in the dorm lounge to get work done), I urge you to please hold back!
Our library is an awesome place with tons of books and resources that will save your life when all those research papers and projects come up. And that is why we have a ‘No food‘ rule in place. You are free to eat in the back stairwell or the front lobby, but not out in the actual library where the bookshelves are. If you can resist bringing in your latest meal from Wawa, or that bag of pretzels that always gets you through a bind, you will be keeping bugs and other yucky insects from coming in and spoiling the peaceful, quiet study environment that is the library! Drinks are always welcome, as long as you have a lid, so we don’t spill on our nice carpet. But please, if you get the craving for some munchies, leave the library to eat your latest snack. That way you don’t distract the others around you with yummy food, and you won’t bring in bugs! Yay!