Summer has past and Fall is upon us. Colorful, crisp falling leaves, warm sweaters and boots, pumpkin spice everything, and fresh chilly air that nips at your nose and fingers. To me, this is the most beautiful time of year because of the contradiction of warm colors and cool air. This is also the time of year for Fall festivals and farmers markets that showcase all of the wonderful colors and flavors that fall has to offer. Bucks County has many events planned for this fall and most events are already in full swing. 
Did you know that the library page now has a LibGuide with all sorts of information about what to do in this area? Well it does! I was very excited to find this out especially since I am always looking for inexpensive breaks from homework and the daily bustle of life. So if you are looking for a break from homework or just need something to do on the weekends to celebrate the beautiful season of Fall I would encourage you to follow this link check it out! 
Happy Fall Ya’ll!
~Jenny Dunning