It has come upon us once again. That time of the year where students pull all-nighters with their noses stuffed into books and coffee in their hands. We all know the stress of finals week, so the library is offering some good news to hard-core study students! The library will be open an extra hour than later, making closing time midnight instead of 11! We also advise you to make use of the study rooms that can be checked out at the front desk, if having people going by will get you distracted. The study rooms help you to focus on your studies and not get distracted by friends who walk by.

And if you need time to de-stress, you can check out a movie to help relax! With May 4th having just passed us, a personal recommendation is one of the Star Wars movies. The movies will come up on a search in the library catalog, and can be checked out at the front desk. And for those of you who listen to music while you study, the library has headphones to check out at the front desk as well!

Hope all of our commodities help with this last week of craziness. Good studying!