Let’s be honest, sometimes the weekends seem a bit dead around here with many people heading home to be with family. It’s fun to go out with friends and try to do eventful things on the weekends, but typically that requires money, which many of us don’t have much of. Therefore, a great thing to fall back on is just hanging out with some friends and watching a movie.

Finding someone who has Netflix or a good selection of movies in their room can be difficult at times, but did you know that the library has movies? You can ask to look at them behind the front desk, or better yet, you can actually look up the whole list online! You can find this list by typing in “feature films” in the search bar at library.cairn.edu.

The list under featured films is most, but not all, of our movies; to find the complete list you can also go to library.cairn.edu/search/e and type in “PN 1997.2 or PN 1997.3”. You can browse through them, see what looks interesting, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere. Although we may not have the widest selection to choose from there are several good movies. Cast Away, Enchanted, Star Wars Episodes 4-6, and Stranger Than Fiction are just a few of the movies that we have to offer.

Just remember, if you were hoping to watch a movie on Friday or Saturday night try and plan ahead a little because we close at 7pm on Friday and 6pm on Saturday. Have a great weekend!

– Leia Brunette