How many of you watched the Super Bowl this year? Great! Now, how many of you watched the Super Bowl just for the advertisements? Yup, same here. Out of all of the commercials, my favorite would have to be the Oreo Cookie or Cream library fight because no matter what happened during the fight everyone whispered. 
Whispering in the library is well known as library etiquette but did you know that there are other rules that go along with library etiquette? Rules such as “Don’t knock the library shelves over” and “Don’t try to climb the architecture in the library” but the biggest one of all is “No food or open drink in the library.” I know all of us at a time or two were thinking “Well I am only going to talk to my friend for a minute so I really don’t have to whisper” or “I am so hungry and I have this twenty page paper to write for my class in a half hour, it won’t be a big deal if I bring my turkey dinner into the library.” Okay so maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration but in all seriousness the library is a place of quiet study. 
This semester the library is starting a new campaign and we want YOU to help promote it! It is called the “Shush” campaign and basically we are asking that students help keep the noise level in the library low. Many people come to use the library as a quiet place to study for midterms, write copious amounts of papers, and even sometimes read. If the people in the Oreo commercial can have an all out war and still be quiet I think we at the library can do the same! So just remember keep the noise to a dull roar (or even a little less) and eat your *Oreo’s before you enter. The last question that remains is: Cookie or Cream?
*No Oreo’s were harmed in the making of this blog
~Jenny Dunning