November is here! All of the debates and political conversations will finally begin to come together and it will be time to decide who you think would be more fitting to lead this country.  With all of the different aspects to contemplate it can be overwhelming. Who is the lesser of two evils? Who will be able to handle this great responsibility? Where should I place my trust? What will really happen if you are put into office/stay in office?
The Agora Conference this past weekend was centered on Politics and how as Christians we should function within this. During the sessions that I attended a broad framework was provided in how we as Christians should look at different events that take place within our government. It is important to remember that no matter who is in office, it is an accurate reflection of the United States of America as a whole; whether we agree or disagree with the President’s actions, it is the people who gave him this position. We must pray for the individuals in our government and trust in God’s ability to use them in whatever way He pleases. 
No matter if you did or did not attend the Agora Conference, there are many issues that we should be praying about and trying to gain a further understanding of within our government. Every vote does count and so not only should we take advantage of the right that we have a citizens but we should also be informed in our decision making. Besides watching the debates on television, reading articles online, and discussing political issues amongst friends books can be a great resource to help challenge your thinking and give you a better understanding of the information you already have.  Unfortunately, the books I am about to suggest I have not yet had the chance to read myself, but as I look into the issues further I felt as though these books could be helpful  – and the best part is we have them here within our own library! (:
Christianity and Politics by William Wilberforce
                BR 115 .P7 W474 2004
Voting as a Christian: The Economic and Foreign Policy Issues by Wayne Grudem
                BS 680 .P45 G782 2012
Voting as a Christian: The Social Issues by Wayne Grudem
                BS 680 .P45 G783 2012
The Bible in Politics: How to Read the Bible Politically by Richard Bauckham
                BS 680 .P45 B38 2011

~Leia Brunette