What better to do on a beautiful Thursday in February than venture to the University of Penn. Museum of Anthropology and Archeology on a class field trip? Filled with excitement that brought on flashbacks from elementary school field trips, several Pentateuch Classes got themselves together for a day in Philly looking at artifacts from Canaan and Israel, Egypt, Rome, Ancient Iraq and many others. Although this trip was interesting and fun there is always a project in the end that brings on a level of stress. My class was required to do a group presentation that involved further research using outside resources, namely books.

 Amidst the many other assignments due from other classes, research can be tedious, especially when it feels like there are no books on your subject; but trust me there are! When I initially did research for my section of the project I saw only 5 books that contained to my subject. I was nervous that I may not have enough information, but eventually found just the book I needed. The next day when I arrived at work there were over 60 books containing the subjects we needed for this project that needed to be re-shelved! Imagine my surprise when I had previously assumed there were only 5. Many times people, including  myself, just don’t put in the right terms in the search bar to find what we are looking for; but don’t worry you are not alone! There are many student workers here who would love to help you and our lovely librarians Laura and Alice are amazing at finding just the source you need to make your project a breeze. So don’t hesitate to ask for help! We would love to give you a hand.

~Leia Brunette

Image: http://www.penn.museum/collections/object.php?irn=117842