For those of you stuck on campus over the weekends and looking for something to do, you might consider going to the library to check out a movie. It’s free, on campus, and you might be surprised by the selection.  We have a wide variety of movies varying from documentaries to musicals, from westerns to sci-fi /fantasy, and many more! There is no need to be bored on campus, the Masland Library can provide for your entertainment as well as for your studying needs. Just this past weekend, I had checked out the movie Stranger than Fiction, which is one that I had never had the opportunity of viewing before, and I really enjoyed it. The story follows Harold Crick, an IRS agent, who suddenly begins to hear his life being narrated by an unknown female voice.  Unfortunately she is predicting his death.

Some other movies that are available to be checked out are The Matrix, Planet of the Apes, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, and The Passion. If you would like to know what else is in our inventory, you can look on our online catalog via this link:

~Jacqlene Adams