Last Friday, I was informed of the loss of Dr. Hsu and my friend Harry Mikula’s mother.

This news was hard to swallow. I did not know what to do. I sat and let the words sit on me, sway across the air.
It still feels weird.
Because I remembered the times he would greet me with an “Ahn-nyung-ha-sae-yo” (Korean for ‘hello’). I remembered how he had played piano so beautifully for our school.
The absences of these two people came so abruptly that I almost did not believe it.
I once heard from a friend that she found out more about herself through the death of a parent. She said it was like peeling a layer away. I wondered what she meant by that.
The loss of these two people would peel a layer away too. What could be learned through this? What good did these things serve? In my limited human perspective, I am quick to ask all these questions. Life is fleeting and so fragile. Why does God make us in that way? Through Dr. Hsu’s life and his legacy, I found myself looking to him as an example, I want to live using the gifts God has given me in bringing glory to Him. I want to live for Him… Dr. Hsu did the same – he wasn’t in it for the money or fame. He genuinely loved God, PBU, and the students. Perhaps this was why he could be used in such a high degree. He simply showed love, touched his audiences with the love of Christ. He did not argue about the correctness of his theology. He just…
~Hanah Bae