Often times when I inform people of the time that I walk up to the Library in the morning they cringe. The funny thing is that looking back at this time last year I had to get up at least a half hour earlier than I have on my earliest morning since coming to college; this is just one of the many things that have completely changed since arriving at PBU.  I really enjoy my walk up to the library early in the morning because it is the only time that I walk on campus and don’t see anyone; only the squirrels, birds, geese, and of course our ducks, are out and about. This walk always makes me take a step back and reminds me that I need to take time and appreciate the beautiful creation that God has made for us. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the work we need to do and the places that we need to go, but during this walk I am  challenged to  notice something new, like the last of the vibrant leaves clinging onto their trees or the ducks and geese gliding on the ponds surface.
I know that as Thanksgiving is approaching quickly the work for many students seems to be piling up with assignments due right before we head home for this much needed break and it forces one to wonder if it will all get done on time. My suggestion to you would be that the next time you make a mad dash to the computer lab ten minutes before class and end up waiting in line to print out your paper because your fellow students are printing out that same one, take a deep breath. Yes, sometimes the printer may be a tad bit slow, but give it a moment and it will catch up, also, don’t be concerned about the fact that you can no longer logout, that was changed so there would be less printing problems, all you need to do is click Restart. But most importantly, remember, take a moment as you rush to get to class and realize how beautiful God’s creation really is and how incredibly blessed we are to be loved by Him.

~Leia Brunette