The last week of the semester is here. It’s crazy to think how much has been accomplished or how much work is left to be accomplished, all the events that have taken place, and everyone we have gotten to know a little better these past months. So much has happened and so much has affected the way we think and the way we act. Each occurrence, each lecture, each person has an effect on our lives and it is amazing to look back and see the difference. Whether it has only been a semester or it has been your college career, life changes you and it is amazing how God uses it for His glory. We have talked a lot about God’s power, mercy, and glory in chapels with President Williams has spoken often on how we view God. It leaves us with questions we need to ask ourselves. After your time here so far, how have you changed? How has your view of God changed and what has caused this? After so many lectures, we can either leave completely unchanged or completely renewed and abounding with a great knowledge and love for God. I hope that the time we have spent here has been beneficial and that God’s goodness and hand are seen throughout it all.

~Sara Garms