As some of you may know, April was National Poetry Month. As I was searching for an interesting poem to write about, I happened to stumble upon one that was written in honor of…You guessed it! A library. What could be more fitting for the Masland Library Blog?! The longer I’ve been at PBU, the more I have come to appreciate the library. Not only is it one of the only quiet places around campus where I can get work done, but it has the resources I need to conquer all of my research papers that I so enjoy writing. I also find the library workers to be extremely charming and helpful, brightening my dreary load of homework with their cheerful smiles and eagerness to share databases, call numbers, and other delightful tidbits of library information. So without further ado, I present this poem in honor of National Poetry Month and libraries everywhere. Enjoy : )

My Library

by Varda One

It’s only a room with shelves and books,
but it’s far more magical than it looks

It’s a jet on which I soar
to lands that exist no more.

Or a key with which I find
answers to questions crowding my mind.

Building my habit of learning and growing,
asking and researching till I reach knowing.

Here, I’ve been a mermaid and an elf
I’ve even learned to be more myself.

I think that I shall never see
a place that’s been more useful to me.

With encouraging kind friends with wit
Who tell me to dream big and never quit.

It’s only a room with shelves and books,
but it’s far more magical than it looks.