Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys . . . libraries have been the gateway to thousands of murders over the years; murders on trains and planes, murders in the library and murders at parties. There is an entire subset of the fiction genre devoted to such alarming mysteries. The librarians of the Masland Library want our students to join the national past-time of solving crimes and will host our own murder and masquerade this Friday, September 26.

Students will begin the night mingling with the accused at a Masquerade party. Sometime during this party our beloved Professor Dodgson will be murdered. It is the student’s job to follow the clues in pursuit of the killer.

Join the fun this Friday at 9:00 pm in the lobby of the Masland Library. There is a sign-up at the Readers’ Services desk. Space for this event is limited. Come as you are or dress up in a grand masquerade style–the choice is up to you!